Action Research Project

Action Research Project

Due Date:    Day 4 of the Course – August 2 2007

Nature of Task:    10 minute maximum presentation including product for submission


•    Leaders expand their pedagogical repertoire to enable them to lead the transformation of learning and teaching for the 21st Century
•    Leaders’ professional status is enhanced as a result of reflection on and modification of current practice
•    Students are more engaged as a result of 21st Century Learning

The Project

A) Synthesising your understanding of 21st Century pedagogical practices and arguments substantiating a 1:1 approach to learning, create one of the following:

•    a professional learning blog for use with your staff
•    an article for submission to the 1 to 1 stories project
•    a conference abstract & presentation for the K-12 Online Conference 2007
•    a conference abstract & presentation
•    a podcast suitable for professional learning for your staff
•    a negotiated idea

B)    10 minute presentation

In the spirit of collegiality, share your project and any interesting findings with your colleagues on Day 4 of the course.

You will be peer evaluated on your ability to:
•    demonstrate an understanding of current pedagogical practices
•    articulate the philosophy behind 1:1
•    innovatively use learning technologies to document change processes occuring on a school and/or individual level throughout this project.

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