Between Session Activity – For Day 3

Use your blog (personal or group) to facilitate staff professional learning. You may like to consider one of the following strategies.:

  • entering a dialogue based on a professional reading
  • opening discussion about current educational or learning technology trends
  • reflecting on your own professional learning that occurred through
    • a professional reading
    • listening to a podcast
    • attending a conference
    • participating in an online conference

One thought on “Between Session Activity – For Day 3

  1. In terms of reflecting on what I have done since the last day, I am pleased to say that I have done three of the four suggested activities. I spend time each week doing professional reading on Technology and education – most recently on Web 2.0 as well as, dare i say it, Web 3.0. As I am undertaking further study in the area of IT I have to keep reading and it is great because it reinforces what I already think as well as giving me new ideas.
    In terms of podcasts I subscribe to quite a few, both professional and personal, and have used these with my senior SOR class. I have been working with a teacher from another school as well and we have done some joint work with our classes around these podasts – next step is to make my own for my Year 12s as means of revision.
    I was lucky enough (due to my kind hearted boss) to attend the iNET conference last week in Melbourne and heard a lot of good speakers talking in a way that was useful for us as educators today. One point a wise man (our former director) made was that we need to stop talking about the “schools of the future” and start making this a reality of the “schools of today” – this made a lot of sesnse and given me food for thought as to where we need to be “now” as opposed to in the “future”.
    I continue to dialofue with my colleagues about what we are doing and how we can improve it – my message always being centred on what is best for the students and are we meeting their needs.
    So I will finish by leaving you with my catchphrase for all we do:
    “It’s all about learning”.

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